The aim of our mini rugby training is to provide an inclusive and safe environment for boys and girls to develop a love of the game of rugby and of team sport. Our training sessions are designed to be fun and engaging, as well as competitive, with children of all abilities welcomed and supported. It is hugely rewarding as a coach to see children of initially limited confidence and ability, later grow into very capable players.
Pro Coaches:
TCRC have a great relationship with the Hong Kong Scottish RFC premiership rugby club. They provide coaches every week to lead and train our children and help develop our parent coaches. From warm-up bear walks to fun passing drills and practice games, the kids learn to pay attention, have fun and develop their skills for the game. 

Parent Coaches:  
TCRC encourage all parents to be involved with their children’s mini rugby experience. This can be through coaching, managing, refereeing, volunteering at tournaments &/or providing administrative support. Both you and your child will have an even more rewarding mini rugby experience as a result.

Coaching Programs 
The HK Rugby Union (HKRFU) offer a variety of programs for anyone interested in coaching; from a complete novice to someone who has been coaching and wants to deepen their understanding of the game and progress through the different certifications available.   TCRC will support our parent coach education by subsidising  HKRFU training courses. 

WR Rugby Ready

A World Rugby (WR) course covering the basic principles of rugby.  The programme raises awareness of good practice and helps stakeholders manage the inherent risks of a contact sport by putting appropriate safeguards in place. This course may be completed online by candidates with previous rugby experience. The HKRU offers a 3-hour workshop for Cantonese speakers with no previous rugby experience.

HKRU U8 (non-contact) Coaching

The HKRU Under 8 course is designed specifically for those coaching the non-contact version of the game for U5 to U8. Participants learn to introduce rugby to beginners through fun and safe activities. Prerequisite; Rugby Ready.

WR Level 1 Coaching

A WR/HKRU foundation course designed to introduce basic coaching skills, safe coaching of contact rugby through 'hotspots' or key factors and the ability to analyse the game through the principles of rugby.  Prerequisite; Rugby Ready

HKRU Coacheree

A course for U9 to U12 coaches to improve their game management and core refereeing skills. Prerequisite: Rugby Ready, Level-1-Coaching.

WR Level 1 Refereeing

A WR/HKRU introductory course designed to develop basic refereeing skills with a specific HK mini rugby flavour tailored to suit the needs of U11 & U12 referees. 

The course will equip referees to graduate to Colts and  Senior refereeing. Prerequisite; Rugby Ready, Level 1 Coaching, Coacheree. 

Please use the link below to register for your desired coaching or Referees course.

HKRU Rugby Academy e-learning
The HKRU provide some excellent resources for coaching and refereeing for mini-rugby members and volunteers to be able to quickly and easily find the age group or area that you participate in.  Just click on the link below to browse the site.